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About O'Neal 

My name is O'Neal, but some may know me as Yaak—the professional Bustin Boards team rider— or coach, as my clients at Skate Everything School might call me.


I've been a professional rider for Bustin Boards co. for five years, but my love for skateboarding runs deep. I fell in love with the sport as a teen and was determined to make it professionally in the industry.


In addition to perfecting my skateboarding skills physically, I fell in love with the industry from a marketing perspective. I began my role as team manager and social content producer for Bustin Boards in 2018. In this role, I manage the New York City team of riders, and work with the marketing team to capture and plan content for social. 

In October 2019, I launched my own company, Skate Everything School, a NYC-based instructional skateboard program that teaches people how to skate. I launched my business to blend my love for skateboarding and teaching. Since launching, we've taught over 4,000 people—of all ages and skill levels—the art of skateboarding. 

Beyond social content capturing and running daily operations at Skate Everything School, I am a passionate videographer with roughly five years of freelance experience in action sports and urban landscaping. While I normally film skateboarding, I am looking to break into new scenes and tell stories beyond the board. If you'd like to collaborate to bring your vision to life, I'd love to learn more.

My latest projects

Check out Skate Everything School LLC

S.E.S. LLC: Instagram feed and strategy managed by me
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